[BUG] Text is being cut off too early after calling Font::setDefaultMinimumHorizontalScaleFactor()

While creating an info page for my upcoming plugin, I have some pretty long descriptions which I want to look good. I dislike the cramped feel that normally occurs so I now call Font::setDefaultMinimumHorizontalScaleFactor(.98f) in my editor’s constructor.

I think there is a bug, as the text gets cut off near the end even though the label still has room for more lines. The bug is not constrained to .98 but anywhere near 1.
Screenshot with custom minimum horizontal scale factor:

Screenshot with default settings:

JUCE Version: develop (2d31153)
Platform: MacOS 13.4
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Make a Label with a few lines of text, happens more often with a longer word at the end
  2. call Font::setDefaultMinimumHorizontalScaleFactor(.98f); somewhere in your editor’s constructor
  3. If the bug doesn’t occur, adjust the text or the scale factor slightly