Build option

Well i think i’ll be switching to the new jucer for project management, i was thinking what do you think about adding a build option, but not in a matter
where you invoke compiler with options, but an option to launch cmdline build tool for each project version (vcbuild, xcodebuild, make) in a terminal window
(cmd, xterm, to see what errors were encountered with the given options. This will help when creating new projects. You won’t have to
start VC or Xcode everytime for testing, and those are big apps to launch.

I do want it to eventually become more of an IDE, and actually manage the compiling like that, but that’s a way down the to-do-list, after “getting it all to work!”.

What I tend to do is just leave xcode or VC running, because they all pick up the fact that the project file has changed, and offer to reload it, which is pretty quick.

i noticed they pick it up, it’s nice i just started using the new jucer so it’a a bit new to me.

adding a post/pre custom build action would be nice, whatever batch/script.

for VCC you can use devenv for example: “devenv /build SolnConfigName SolutionName” works great for my own build scripts

also i have some other suggestions for the new jucer:

-if you add existing files, jucer should prevent to add the same file twice

-“Project Build Settings” folders like VST SdK Folder should be selectable with a file browser instead of manually typing

-if you use Juce Linkage Method “Linked to Juce Static Library”, there should be a option, to contain the Juce Project in the Solution and it should be listed in the project dependencies in the solution property pages

-Visual Studio Project Configuration Properties → Debugging → Command and Command Arguments should be definable to add a host software for debugging

when selecting the static library type of project, you can’t select how to use the juce library.

Yeah, the static library option is mainly there so I could use it to create the juce library itself, I’ve not really got it to work as a way of building 3rd party libs just yet.

-if you add existing files, jucer should prevent to add the same file twice[/quote]

Good idea.

well the stati library option works well, it just dosn’t include juce, it’s not a big problem since i added the juce amalgamated files myself.