Building Juce what should i name the executable?

i’m trying to build juce wich is going fine but visual c++ 2005 is asking me to name the executable what do i do?

erm… maybe try setting the demo app to be the startup project instead of juce?..

[quote]# Open a solution and load juce/build/win32/vcexpress/JUCE.vcproj

There are several configurations: debug, release, debug-unicode, and release-unicode. You can build all or some of these, and the resultant .lib files should end up in the “juce/bin” folder.[/quote]

whats that mean
sorry i’m kinda a newb

I don’t have time to teach you the basics of MSVC here, but you basically need to select the jucedemo project in the solution explorer, and say “set as startup project”. You obviously can’t run the juce project, because it’s a library, not an executable.

It’s a bit confusing because the first time you open the juce solution, MSVC’s choice for the project and configuration are always the wrong ones. I’ll maybe add something more to the docs about this.

i’d be really thankful if you could!
thanks for your time. :smiley: