Building juce in VS 2005

i want to build juce but im a newb i need some suggestions. where should i build it? in the same folder as the source?

what should i name it when it asks me to name it?

That sort of thing is all already set-up for you in the juce project (?)

Just open the juce project or the demo solution and hit F7…

it must be my newbish fear of hitting the big red button. i’ll try to stop asking pussy questions.

this is what happenes when i try to make the debug version and this is what i thought i had to use to name the file until today when i noticed a dropdown list. i didnt know what to choose so i chose what i was familiar with, fire fox. and it doesnt do anything.

…well, you’re trying to “run” the juce library. Not sure exactly what you expect to happen when you run a library, but perhaps trying to run the demo app would be a better way to start!

There’s a demo solution that you can open that contains both the juce project and the demo app project. I’m sure I wrote all this in the “Juce readme”, didn’t I?



:oops: :lol: yeah yeah laugh at the newb :smiley:

don’t take me too serious laserbeak… but was ages that i wasn’t seeing something like this… from the time a friend of mine tried to fit a usb stick in the firewire port till it breaked up… still laughing aha :smiley:

But seriously, if you’re trying to follow the instructions that I put in the readme file, and if bits of them aren’t clear enough, please let me know, so I can improve them.

it’s ok really!!
i’m laughing at myself!!! lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks! i think it’s great that youre trying to help.

i’ll delete all my folders and re extract everything to start clean and post the issues i get.
:smiley: :!:

if you managed to get juce library compiled without any errors (as i see from the screenshot) that’s enough, you’re in a gr8 way. just open the “.sln” file you find in the “demo” directory instead of the juce project you find in the “build” directory, obviously with visual c. now you’ll see 2 projects on the left, juce (the library) and jucedemo (the application which uses juce and can be executed). just recompile the whole and select jucedemo as your startup project , now when hitting the run button, you should see a monster appear all over your ide… :wink: