Starting again: 3rd time is the charm?

i’ve tried starting before, i had no luck and was preocupied at the time and couldnt get things going unfortunately. i’m back and really want to learn this with the convenience of windows so i can take it with me to linux.

i’m using visual studio 2005 standard edition, Juce 1_40 and the tutorial files i download off of the last page of the sticky thread by haydxn on the top of this forum, and i want to just use the included .sln, but i’m taking haydxn’s tutorial and it mentions using his included files.

anyway in his tutorial he says:

[quote]Create a new project in your development environment. Make sure
that your paths (include, lib, etc) are all set correctly as indicated
by the Juce documentation.[/quote]

and the juce docs says:

so i just went down to the vc express instructions and then i saw it said to just include the juce dir so i did that and after reading one of the .h files it seems that it might work.

ok with that done, am i doing this the correct way?

stay tuned, more posts to come :stuck_out_tongue:

oh yeah am i supposed to set this up as a console app? a windows app? a dll??

ok here we are:
i started it as a windows app.

and i tried to compile.
i got these two errors:


well i searched the directory and found “windowAppearsOnTaskbar” all over the place so it’s a problem with my source an includes?

“DialogWindow” on the other had is confusing me. i’m still trying to study overloading functions and operators. i saw something the other day that blew my mind and i havent read anything about it in any of my books.

so if someone could help me here… :slight_smile:

when i try to build the default .sln provided witht he juce package i get the error:

:?: :roll: :shock:

The link error you’ve got there is just because you’ve got the “debug dll” config selected instead of the normal “debug” config. (There’s a thread about that somewhere)

I’d say that rather than trying to start from scratch, if you’re new to c++, it’s be better to build the demo app, look through its source code, and try changing bits of it to experiment with the things you’re trying to learn. At least then you’ve got a base to start from.

well yes and no i’m new to c++ in a sense but i’ve been sudying it for years. nothing about learning it interested me tho :lol: .

i did a bit of programming in delphi wich has given me a bit of confidence.

i’ll look for that debug config thread. have any idea what words i should be searching for in the title?

aaaaaaaaaah interesting!!
i didnt even know that there was a debug dll and release dll option!!!

must depend on the type of project i’m working on hah?


oh and when u suggested i play with the default build u must of meant that instead of haydxn’s version?

lolol :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

no offense jules i just found it funny that it took all that time to build and the only thing that popped up was a hello world!!.
i almost fell out of my seat laughing!!!

but with all that aside, i was truly implressed by what i saw during the build.

tons of stuff!! i cant wait to fish em out and put em to use :slight_smile:

For note. Debug builds are easy to debug into thanks to lack of optimizations, including of symbols, etc… Because it lacks optimizations though, it is vastly slower then Release, so never assume the speed of an app in Debug relates to the speed of the app as Release. :slight_smile:

yes i understand :slight_smile: thanks