New to JUCE and having compile probs Please help!?

Truncated problem…
Hello I’m using Visual Studio 2010 on XP. I’ve downloaded the solutions for vs2010 from sourceforge’s build repository and then downloaded the latest source files as well. Once I’ve put theses source files in the src directory and then load the solution into vs2010 it will quite happily build for me (a debug build)
After tweaking the oggvorbis directories- it was complaining about some resources it couldnt find, which I then manually put in - it did a build with no errors and gave me a vcobj file.

  • what does this vcobj file actually do? (i know, I’m a noob so take it easy lol)
    Basically I cant get JUCE to compile as a release, I get 217 errors, all link2001 unresolved external symbol (17 with juce_sokcket.obj and the rest with juce_win32_native_code.obj) - It seems I’m not picking up a library outside the src directory, I’ve tried all the settings (MFC ATL etc.) and checked all the environment paths but it will not change anything. Looks like I’ve gotta start from scratch with the jucedemo since I’m not actually certain how JUCE does it’'s thing!
    Nice one Jules for the advice!
    Many Thanks chaps :-Z

I’m sorry, I can’t even begin to plough my way through all of that… Sounds like you’ve just massively misunderstood something, but I’ve no idea what.

Did you actually try building the juce demo? If you want an exe, try building and running the experimental Jucer, and use it to auto-generate all your projects, and it’ll just all work…


Hey jules! thanks for repling so quickly - can I say sorry for the long post, there are many many issues I’m trying to take on board atm with visual Studio c++ compiling on Win32, on linux things are hard enough but win32 - it’s a bit mental lol anyway as you say, I think its also something I’ve massively understood - you know, to get the code to compile it’s gotta be perfect and it won’t just be able to work by plonking different bits here and there… my build issue is bound to be something like, I’ve got the whole concept “topsy-turvy” somewhere ;), so I will buid the juicedemo like you say and then take things from there! Also, can I just say again many thanks for being on hand with all your code, you have done a great job in getting all the kit and docs together, when (not if) I get my head round it I hope to be runnig smoothly and be on hand myself to help out! Can I just suggest to people who are new to building win32 apps in c or c++ to take things one step at a time and when consulting these kind of platforms to be patient and prepeared to spend a lot of time reading docs etc., trial and error pays off in the end! Speak soon,

[quote]I’m not going to attempt to explain how the ‘application’ code
works, either. By the time you’re in a position to worry about it,
you’ll surely know enough about Juce to figure it out for yourself.
In fact, I’ve only recently bothered to look in detail at what it does
and how it works. For the time being, you really can just take for
granted that it does the hard stuff for you![/quote]

<<<< from haydxns pdf :roll:

BTW got your jucedemo working OK, :smiley: I had to whack some DX dxtrans.h and about 10 other .h files in the dx 6.0A\sdk\lib\includes\ to get it to compile, also had to watch out for a quicktime problem (I turned a “use quicktime flag” to 0, or install quicktime/itunes) but main thing is it actually gave me a working exe in the Release folder. yay. :lol: OK I take it the actual JUCE app is an entirely different / more involved beast in the way it’s implemented, I’m going to work on some demo’s / tutorials & haydxn’s pdf, and compile them down… I just want to get something up-and-running I think I was jumping the gun a bit - my feeling is your code is a nice platform for making audio / gfx apps in c++, it’s not unlike Java in that it makes life a lot easier. WIll look at “the jucer” as well, looks promising.

I’ve been attempting to compe haydxns’s StartingPoint tutorial program, but am I right in thinking that the reason it won’t link (it’s only supposed to be a square box lol) is because my Juce isn’t actually compiled right? I mean I’ve tried pointing the library paths correctly, everything and it won’t give me any joy, not finding jucelib_static_Win32_debug.lib

PLEASE HELP! do I need Juce to be compiled fully as a bunch of lib files, and does that jucelib_static_Win32_debug.lib only pop into my \bin\ directory after I’ve done something right first, (ie. in my previous post I did well with compiling JuceDemo.exe - would that make it appear in \bin\ )? first before I even think about starting the new StartingPoint tutorial? If I’ve got JuceDemo to work as a nice .exe without too many probs, how its it I’m getting problems with “link1104 jucelib_static_Win32_debug.lib not found” when I try linking the (simple) tutorial prog? Arrr i’m confused chaps, Once again it’s my directory paths playing up maybe?

Oh my god, stop and take a deep breath! You seem to be making it all far more confusing than it really is!

Don’t compile or worry about the juce libs, you don’t need them.
Build and run the new (experimental) jucer.
In the jucer, choose ‘new project’, follow the wizard to create a new app, then ‘save and open in visual studio’. It should then be a case of hitting F5 and you’ll be running.

And if the ‘save and open in visual studio’ button doesn’t work, just close the Jucer, go in the project folder and open the VS project.

Jules, the ‘save and open in visual studio’ button doesn’t work on all systems,
because you are trying to open the .sln (solution) file, and not the .vcproj or .the vcxproj file.

Really? Ok, thanks, I’ll have to have a look at that…

cool, Jules willget on it - the jucer sounds like good fun – about the “save and open in vstudio” problem, my (convoluted Lol) soution is to install sun virtualbox and create loads of machines with different os environments (ie. use it with an XP .iso also OS/X a ubuntu possibly redhat or BSD .iso) then you can download and install vstudio 2008, 2010 etc. on pretty much every win32 platform you want and also compile c++ code for Linux all on one macghine - they all work quite nice in vBox on my i3-330M x64 intel lappy with 3Gb RAM, not too slow and you can port stuff or return to stored snapshot states if things go pearshaped - crazy but it works!. :?:

COMPILING Haydxn’s Tutorial -
I think I’ve got it (this semantic process -should- work for any project build)
OK so I whack the solution for the tutorial (it’s a only small collection of files / folders) into my new vs2008 project.
Then I add additionally the JUCE solution (one which I know compiles OK as a static lib) into my solution box as well.
I make sure the tutorial is “set as startup project” ie it goes bold)
Then I select tutorial “depends on JUCE” tickbox.
Check all my file library dependency paths are ok.
Check the ouput file type for JUCE is static lib (or whatever I need)
Check the compiler gives me MT or MTd (or whatever is required) code
ditto above Check steps but for the tutorial project.
Double check the library, dependency, includes, output path dirs etc. are OK for both projects.
Compile and debug.
IT WORKS!!! (i get haydxn’s little box from chapter 2 in his .pdf tutorial)
HURRAH~!! At last!
@popping the champagne cork@ :smiley:
Jules your stuff actually works quite well… Many thanks guv’na :smiley: