Build Universal AU plugin

Maybe the guys who read CoreAudio list will have a little “deja vu” feeling :).
In universal I mean one bundle supported by all the hosts (32/64 bit, Carbon and or Cocoa).
I managed the 32/64 side but I am stuck with the Carbon/Cocoa side.
What I understand is that I need 2 views (1 Carbon and 1 Cocoa) and the host will choose which view to use.
Does anyone achieve to build such plugin?

I don’t understand what you mean by being “stuck” with the cocoa/carbon stuff? You don’t actually have to do anything, just disable carbon if you don’t want it.

In fact I disabled Carbon to build my 64 bit AU. I also removed all the CarbonView files. Now I want to readd these files and the problems start.

If you’ve messed up your project, you could just use the new jucer to create a new one with all the correct files in it.

I am not familiar with the new jucer and I have no time for the moment to learn it. I’ll check it for sure for the next project ;).
I found the solution in the forum (I should have a look a little bit more before posting :oops: )

I just think about including the cpp files to compile them only when needed but I still had problems with the Point class definition.
Thanks otristan for the tip.

I now have my Universal AU :smiley: