Retrofitting AU carbon UI support

Ok, I’ve finally (and grudgingly!) added some code to the AU wrapper to support old carbon-only hosts like Live…

I think that’s the last thing that might have been stopping some of the plugin devs from using the tip - As I’ve only tried it in Live6 and AULab, I’d be keen to hear your feedback if this is something you’ve been waiting for!

hurray! if there are no known bugs anymore in the tip, i’ll switch to it now immediately. the only thing that might keep me away from it is my modified font rendering with gamma correction :slight_smile:

I just tried the demo plug in, and it works as both an AU and as a VST in Live 7.

Does the new cocoa code in the tip fix all the mouse offset problems in Pro Tools?

Andrew Simper

Yes, should be fine with today’s check-in.

Did I/you miss something? LibPluginLibrary reference?
Can this just be ignored/removed or is it something new?

LibPluginLibrary? That’s an RTAS lib - you can ignore it if you’re not building an RTAS.

OK, I’d never noticed it in the project before and it seems to be causing the project not to build (I thought it might be something to do with the recent changes on RTAS). As you were! :slight_smile: