Latest tip without "juce" gui for AU Demo

I have compiled the latest tip demo plugin and when I load the AU into Live 6, 7, or 8 I get an odd looking white gui with default mac controls and volume fader the “juce” look and feel gui that I expected to be the same on all plugin versions. Is this a known issue at the moment? I double checked every line of the doc to make sure I did every step correctly and it all seems fine.

Andrew Simper

I think that’s just because live can’t support cocoa plugins, and I’ve not yet written a bodge to make AUs run in carbon-only hosts…

Ahh, that would explain it. So which flag should I use to make the AU compatible with Live? Even with the default gui would you expect the Cocoa version to crash Live?

Andrew Simper

Well, there isn’t a flag for it. The tip only supports the new cocoa UI model, so I need to add a workaround that lets old hosts still use the old carbon methods…

Any word on when the workaround will be available? Or should people that want to release plugins that work with Live avoid working out of the source tree? Building plugins in the stable 1.46 release is a much different process than the new polymorphic thing, so it would be good to know how to do this. Live is a pretty big market to ignore.

Sean Costello

I’m currently putting together a production_1_46 branch with all the bug fixes people have been doing on SVN r595 (1.46) with the help of jpo. As soon as I’ve got the code together in a stable state I’ll give it to Jules to add.

Andrew Simper

For now, what is the best base for cross-platform plugins? Will the new branch be closer to the tip, or to the non-tip 1.46 build?

I have confirmed this with Jules. The best version to use for production code is SVN r595 (you can get the code based on this with svn checkout -r 595 https://…) with all the bug fixes posted on these forums. This is exactly the branch I am making now. I have just done the initial merge and I’m not doing the timer fixes using memory barrier code to replace the ineffective “volatile” variables.

Andrew Simper

Sorry, just a touch confused. Does this mean that the r595 branch has the bugfixes included? Or is it the closest to the one that will have the bugs fixed? Or should I use r595, and fix specific bugs? If so, which ones are critical?

I am looking at Juce for RTAS/VST/AU effects plugins for both Mac and Windows. My effects will not need tremendous amounts of graphic power, just your standard knobs, dials, and tempo control.



It’s like I just said, the version with fewest bugs that has the functionality you want is r595. There is no version without bugs you can get from the juce svn repository. The latest version has no carbon support, hence no gui in live. You want r595, then fix all the bugs in it by fishing around this forum for all the bug fixes people have been posting. This is exactly what I am currently doing. I will be contributing this back to the juce community once it is completed.

Andrew Simper

Hi guys,

sorry to stir this up again, but given that carbon support has been restored to the tip, is r595 still the best revision for new plugins you think?

how stable is the the current tip for doing new plugins? Any experiences you’d like to share?

I’ll only be using win/osx /linux with VST/AU, no RTAS yet.

(an ancient r424 user :wink: )