Hosts that work with Juce plugins

Hi all:

It would be useful to have a list of hosts that work with Juce audio plugins. If we want to get precise about things, it would also be nice to point out issues with each hosts and particular major revs of Juce (1.46, 1.50, tip, etc.).

What I have found:


  • Ableton Live 7/8: works with the tip. Some older versions of Juce (I can’t remember the exact versions, as I work from the tip) have some issues, because the Carbon support was removed when switching over to Cocoa. The tip no longer has this problem. As Live can host both VST and AU plugins, you can run into problems with polymorphic Juce plugins. I will probably need to have separate builds for my VST and AU plugins in the future, to avoid this problem (Live is my go-to host for testing).

  • Logic 8: works well with the tip. A few months ago, Live had issues with mouse-over events after first clicking in the plugin window, but this has been fixed.

  • Garageband 3: works well with the tip. I haven’t had issues with Garageband in general - it seems fairly robust in hosting plugs.

Win XP:

Ableton Live 7/8: works well. I haven’t had any problems with Win VSTs in this host.

Obviously, I need to get more hosts for heavy duty testing in the future, but I am on a limited budget here. If people have host reports to contribute, that would be great. An official Jules sanctioned list would be awesome (so he could call out things like getting Wavelab to work recently), but there are a ton of hosts out there, and no one person can be expected to own and test them all. If people like this idea, it might be a useful sticky.


Sean Costello

I should also add:

ProTools 7.0.whatever I have: works. Slider range will be limited to 0.0-1.0 range, so you need to deal with this (this is the way that both RTAS and VST work).

I’m sure the list will include more hosts than not, but it seems like a good list to keep up to date.