Building a VST plugin in Linux for using in Windows? Is that possible?

Hello all,

I’m beginning to learn about writing VST plugins using JUCE, and I have a very simple question: is it possible to compile in Linux VST plugins that can be used in Windows, or do I have to compile directly in Windows for that?

I ask because I’m more used to developing on Linux, while my goal is to write plugins that I can use in FL Studio, so I’m wondering what the optimal workflow would be.

Also if anyone here has experience with all that, a second question: is there a straightforward way to also test the plugin in Linux, or is it better to just send it to Windows and open it on my DAW?


It’s possible to cross-compile plug-ins for Windows, but it’s not easy. I did that a few years ago and have since come to the conclusion that compiling projects on “native” operating systems is ultimately less hassle. I suspect you’ll have to patch both JUCE and the VST SDK in several places (I wasn’t using JUCE at the time) and there are plenty of opportunities to introduce subtle bugs.

I think most people here use virtual machines. If you wanted an automated system you could do something like SSH over a virtual network to run MSBuild, or run a CI server like Jenkins.

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Thanks @t0m, that’s really helpful. I suspected compiling natively would be the best way. I think I’ll just do a VM then.