Building LV2 plugin with CMake


I’m having difficulty getting the CMake example to compile an LV2 plugin. Has anyone had success building and running an LV2 plugin via CMake?


no problems here, what is your OS and so?


Apologies for late reply, appreciate any help.

I’m running Arch linux, and I’m trying to run the “hello, world” plugin example. I’m not having any luck opening it up on Ardour. I’m just building out a template repo for the time being. Do you know anywhere I can find a cmake example that has LV2 included, I am a cmake newby FYI. Link to repo below if you wanted to have a look.

Repo: GitHub - wammy19/wammy-plugin-template

I compiled your code, and it works in jalv.gtk.
Do you see your plugin in lv2ls after copying into ~/.lv2 dir? If yes, does it open with jalv.gtk ?

Why to have two CMakeLists.txt? One is good enough GitHub - xunil-cloud/CloudReverb: algorithmic reverb plugin based on CloudSeed

Thanks for the reply.

I got both my template, and the CloudReverb plugin working with jalv.gtk. So it seems like it’s compiling correctly, but both plugins are still failing to run in Ardour.

And yeah looking at the CMake file for the CloudReverb I can see how 1 CMake file is enough. Thank you for sending that through.

Will continue to investigate why these aren’t running on Ardour…

Hi, I am the author of CloudReverb. I actually encountered the same issue yesterday. I can confirm that the issue is related to boundedBlockSize LV2 features. It has been discussed here. CloudReverb do work in Carla, though.

Hi BensonC,

Apologies for only noticing this now. Will read through the discussion. Thanks! :slight_smile: