Can anyone help compile this Spleeter VST as an Audio Unit plug-in instead so I can run it on iOS/iPad?

I’ve been playing around with some real-time VST implementations of the audio stem separation tool ‘Spleeter’, and whilst both Windows and Mac compatible versions of the VST3 plug-in are available, what I’d really like to do is run it as an Audio Unit (or AUv3) on iOS so that, in conjunction with a host app like AUM, I might be able to run it on streaming audio from Spotify and Youtube to split these streamed songs into stems in real-time.

As a total JUCE/C++ beginner, I hoped it’d be as simple as opening the source code in ProJucer, changing the output format from ‘Xcode - MacOS’ to ‘Xcode - iOS’ and then re-compiling, but it keeps throwing me errors (see some examples of how far I’ve got at this thread I started).

If compiling C++ code into a Mac-compatible VST or VST3 is possible, then it seems like re-compiling that same code to be an AU or AUv3 compatible with iOS should be fairly elementary for people who know a lot about the plug-in coding process. I’d be really interested in getting this great plugin working on iPad and would happily offer beer money if this is the kind of thing that someone more talented than myself could knock out within like 40 minutes, unless however I’m totally underestimating how much time/effort something like this would take…

Here are the open source Githubs for the original Spleeter VST and also a fork I’ve been working with:

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