Cannot build AU

Hi, having problems building an AU after latest pull on develop.

  1. I’ve rebuilt projucer
  2. I’ve cleaned all build folders, including derived data, and resaved project in projucer.

I get the following error:

failed to find juce_audio_plugin_client_AU/juce_audio_plugin_client_AU.r

/Users/lee/dev/cpp/JUCE/Projects/Client/xxx/JuceLibraryCode/include_juce_audio_plugin_client_AU.r:8: ### Rez - noErr (0) during open of “juce_audio_plugin_client_AU.r”.

Fatal Error!

The file exists:

lee@m1-mac-mini JUCE % ls -l “/Users/lee/dev/cpp/JUCE/Projects/Client/xxx/JuceLibraryCode/include_juce_audio_plugin_client_AU.r”
-rw-r–r-- 1 lee staff 199 29 Jan 12:09 /Users/lee/dev/cpp/JUCE/Projects/Client/xxx/JuceLibraryCode/include_juce_audio_plugin_client_AU.r

and strange that it’s showing an error even with a return code of 0.

Anyone any ideas? thx

Started from scratch - problem solved.

For future reference, please notice that the error says that it couldn’t find the file inside the JUCE source code “juce_audio_plugin_client_AU.r”, whereas you only checked the existence of the proxy file that Projucer builds for you: “include_juce_audio_plugin_client_AU.r”.
IIRC the latter #includes the former, and that “juce_audio_plugin_client_AU.r” that it expects to #include, is no longer present in the latest JUCE