"Cannot open include file: 'AppConfig.h'

Hi Folks

I'm a juce newbie. I tried installing juce into my new project but I keep getting this error?

Error    1    error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'AppConfig.h': No such file or directory    e:\svns\thesis\vibrosongplayer\vibrosongplayer\modules\juce_core\juce_core.cpp    40    1    VibroSongPlayer

Do I need to create this file?

Sorry the installation instructions weren't super clear on this.



Hi, use Introjucer to create a project, if you already had some sources, I suggest you to use it anyway and move your existing sources to your new juce project.

By creating a project with Introjucer it will provide you with some skeleton structure, a .jucer file which contains your project info and a JuceLibraryCode subfolder which will contain your AppConfig.h among other required things such as the juce includes, the already binary converted BinaryData and all juce modules source.

Although if you already have some source code you'll probably end up rewriting it in case you were using std::string or any other class also defined in juce, std::string and juce::String are both string classes but differ on their methods, juce::String does support conversion from/to std::string in case you have to deal with it.