Getting a very simple application going

I am a VB6 developer that are so impressed with JUCE demo that I am keen to get simple JUCE demo going in VC++ 2003.

What do I need to do get my either the Haydxn or a JUCER created application going?

  • Main JUCE demo compiles & runs fine
  • I am using VC 2003
  • I did read through readme.html (but are missing something)
  • My VC++ knowledge is not good.
  • How can I get the HAYDXN or JUCER files going>

Steps taken:

  • made copy of “example_project_for_Win32” to
  • open up juce_application.sln
  • make juce_application my Startup project
  • Hit Start (F5): 1 Error, no file main.cpp
  • I then remove main.cpp and add 3 files from haydxn demo
  • Hit Start (F5):
  • this time error @ linker “Unresolved ext symbol…”

I also tried to include the 2 files created from JUCER

  • again error @ linker “Unresolved ext symbol…”

Please provide simple steps / ideas to get either haydxn or Jucer generated code going.

Many Thanks

Glad to help save you from the evils of VB!

What’s the unresolved symbol?

Thanks jules

I now got the “Hello world” application going
I had to remove Main.cpp & then add it again.

I Now trying to get the haydxn demo’s going.
For that, I simply placed the files in same directory as where Main.cpp is, add them to my project and delete Main.cpp (from project).

Now get this error

fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: ‘juce.h’: No such file or directory

I did left my JUCE project in the Solution.
Hope to sort it out soon.


sorted out the juce.h problem by changing code to
#include “…/…/…/juce.h”

All now working – thanks

In a user project it’s better practice to use include “juce.h” and set your include path correctly. That way you can move your projects around without breaking them…