Problems with jucedemo.sln

I know how program in C++ (only console apps) but I’m really lost trying to use Juce in a project! I’m using Visual C++ 2008 Express

I did tons of approaches:

  1. Trying to include Juce files: In VC options I added the folder C:\juce to my include files. Then I tried use juce with #include “juce.h” in a cpp. It doesn’t work. It cannot find ‘jucelib_static_Win32_debug.lib’

  2. Trying to open jucedemo.sln: It doesn’t found “iasiodrv.h” and “movie.h”, so i comment the #define JUCE_QUICKTIME 1, and the #define JUCE_ASIO 1 lines. I compile again, but this time it doesn’t find “iasiodrv.h” also!!

So I download ASIO SDK after registration from Steingberg page. I unzip it in C:\ASIOSDK2 folder and I include it in VC++ includes folder. I also load in Source Files filter all the files from C:\ASIOSDK2\common. I try to compile again, nothing, it fails too.

I tried docens of approaches, but nothing, I cannot compile nothing with Juce. Please, any orientation will be welcome, please…

I added the folder C:\ASIOSDK2\common to include path and some problems from juce demo were solved, however it cannot find the IDXEffect class (base class without define)

IDXEffect? That’s got nothing to do with juce, sounds like it’s a windows header file, but I’ve no idea why or where you’d be including it…

BTW you should set JUCE_ASIO to 0 instead of commenting it out - it could be set to 1 by default elsewhere.

Thanks jules but I cannot do it. I achieve to generate a jucelib_static_Win32_debug.lib, but I don’t know how I did it and how can I generate the “release” version.

I’ve followed tons of instruction in this forum, but those don’t work for me. I’m pretty confused with amalgamated versions. I add they to a project but they don’t compile. Tons of warnings and errors.

Please, is there anywere a clear step-to-step about how get started and that the VC++ Express can compile the project without warnings? What files should I add to the project? what must I include in header? I’m very confused.

Solved, thanks you anyway, I had to compile C:\juce\build\win32\vc8 files in release and debug mode for the library. Later I just include juce.h to my tutorial project that I see in this forum. :slight_smile:

I was having the same problem with Visual Studio 2008 not finding the file “iasiodrv.h”. jules suggestion to change “#define JUCE_ASIO 1” to “#define JUCE_ASIO 0” allowed the JuceDemo to compile without error. Thanks so much for the help!