Juce not compiling under Microsoft Visual Studio 2005

Hi, thx to university i got hold of Visual Studio 2005 (not express edition)

i followed all instructions as described in the Juce release notes and the sticky thread in this forum.

unfortunately i’m still not able to get Juce to compile:


juce_win32_ASIO.cpp ..\platform_specific_code\juce_win32_ASIO.cpp(58) : fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'iasiodrv.h': No such file or directory juce_QuickTimeMovieComponent.cpp ..\..\..\src\juce_appframework\gui\components\special\juce_QuickTimeMovieComponent.cpp(46) : fatal error C1083: Cannot open type library file: 'QTOLibrary.dll': No such file or directory

building a simple Juce based project also failed…

Compiling... ApplicationStartup.cpp JUCE! Library to link to: jucelib_static_Win32_debug.lib MainAppWindow.cpp JUCE! Library to link to: jucelib_static_Win32_debug.lib Generating Code... Compiling manifest to resources... Linking... LINK : fatal error LNK1104: cannot open file 'jucelib_static_Win32_debug.lib'

any help is appreciated, or should i just go with the free express version of VS2005?

i’m not an experienced programmer… but i understood and carried out all instructions i could find… [/code]

Edit juce_Config.h and comment out any extras (e.g. QuickTime or ASIO) that you don’t need. If you need those, you have to configure Visual Studio to locate the includes and libraries - search Google for tutorials on how to do this.

yup, the problem is that it can’t find the asio sdk files or the quicktime libs. if you don’t need asio or quicktime, you can edit the config as stodge said; if you do need them, then you’d need to obtain them

[for ASIO you’d get the SDK from steinberg, and add the ‘common’ subfolder to your include paths. For quicktime, you need to install Quicktime, and add the quicktime folder to the include paths]

The second problem you noted will go when you solve the first one - it can’t find the juce lib because it didn’t get built!

thank you both very much!

i’m tutoring myself some audio DSP and want to translate all my matlab experimenting in some usable VST’s. so i guess i will at least get the asio sdk included. (i have the steinberg VST SDK… but didn’t get the time yet to actually study the included ‘getting started’ docs… the site also had a ASIO SDK, so i guess i need to get my hands on that one too!)


Just figured out how to set VC to include relevant ‘library’ & ‘include’ files & decided to post it here for the benefit of other newbies

it’s under tools>options>
the directories dropdown allows u to select what sort of files (library/include/ref…)

then click the ‘new folder/line’ icon button to add a new address & the ‘…’ button to search for it so u don’t have to type the entire address…

the tutorial below was written for something else, but contains bits that illustrate how to do this: http://www.rudeserver.com/config/install.html


the Steinberg Asio SDK is available here:


Paul C

Thanks for the tip Boogie!

I’ve been pulling my hair out trying to get it to include ASIO. I’m new to windows and VC++.