Try to compile example project 'juce_application'

Hi there

I just started dealing with JUCE, so be a little easy on me.
I tried to compile the preprogrammed project 'juce_application’ in Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition.
Before that I altered the file juce_Config.h to

#ifndef JUCE_ASIO #define JUCE_ASIO 0 #endif ... #if ! (defined (JUCE_QUICKTIME) || defined (LINUX) || (defined (_WIN32) && ! defined (_MSC_VER))) #define JUCE_QUICKTIME 0 #endif
And this yields:

[color=#800000]1>c:\data\projects\lib\juce.1.50\juce_amalgamated.cpp(373) : fatal error C1083: File (Include) cant open “Movies.h”: No such file or directory[/color]

Any ideas? Has anyone encountered this?
I appreciate any hints.

Please try the GIT tip instead of 1.50 - the projects should build more smoothly that those old ones, and have clearly-defined places you can enable or disable settings rather than hacking the global config file.

Oh… The mighty godfather of juicy code himself… take a bow

Okay, thanks for the hint. I got that sources and just looked at the ‘Hello World!’ balloon. Thanks.