Can't add Tracktion module to Projucer

Hi, I’ve copied tracktion_engine module folder to JUCE/modules, but when I add it to Projucer project it says “Cannot find this module at the specified path!”

The tracktion_engine module is actually in tracktion_engine/modules/tracktion_engine (
You’re best off using the “+” button and then “Add module from a specified folder”.

This is exactly how I did it. I copied \tracktion_engine-master\modules\tracktion_engine folder to JUCE modules folder. Then I added it with “+” button.

I wouldn’t copy it in to the JUCE modules folder as it will get blown away by git when you update.

If you use git to clone tracktion_engine and then add this from a specified folder (using the sub-dir I mentioned above) it should all work.

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I just downloaded it from git hub as a zip. I’m not very familiar with all that git cloning and updating, so doing it manually.
I did as you suggested, just adding it to JUCE from the “master folder” without copying, and it worked! Thank you @dave96

No worries. I have a feeling that the Projucer handles modules in the JUCE/modules dir in a different way. I can’t remember the details though.

As a side note, it’s definitely worth spending a bit of time looking in to the basics of git. It’s probably the most useful programming tool there is these days.

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