Can't find build.xml file

Hi, I’m currently making a app for android using JUCE and I’m trying to build and .apk file to test on my physical phone (I’ve tested the app which builds just fine on the android emulator). I’ve found this thread on how to compile and generate the .apk file here: Compile JUCE-Android project on Windows

In the thread it says there should be a build.xml in the Build/Android folder which is generated by Projucer. However, I can’t find this specific file and it does not seem to get generated by Projucer.

When running ant to build the app it also says that it can’t find the build.xml file.

Unfortunately I can’t find much about this topic on Google

Thanks for your help.

It’s been 3 days and I’m still stuck, anybody that may be able to help me or get me in the right direction?

The thread you are referencing is very old.

You should be able to build Android projects on Windows using Android Studio (as well as on macOS and Linux).

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