Can't generate recognizable VST3

Hi, I’m new to Projucer and am trying to create audio plugin as VST3 and Standalone.

As standalone, the plugin gets built fine and it works.
After checking the directory, that is supposed to contain the built VST3, I see following:

but after trying to load it in various DAWs (FL Studio for instance), the DAW was unable to recognize this plugin.

The build is set to build for x64, but after trying to load this VST on Mac, it shows an error:
“Could not load “Dist2VST”. Please check that this is a compatible 64-bit VST3 plug-in.”

I have no idea what may be the cause of this and I’ve been trying to fix it for past 2 days, but it seems like I got stuck.

Plugins for Mac must be built on a Mac, probably using the Xcode exporter in the Projucer.

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Oops, that’s true :smiley:
On Windows I don’t see any errors while trying to load the plugin. FL just doesn’t recognize it.