Built VST3 examples fail to load on a different computer

I’m just starting with audio plugin development and need help with building the plugin. It loads properly on the computer I built it on, but it fails to load on a different computer.

These are the minimal steps I have to do to reproduce the issue:

  1. I start a new project using the “Plugin > Basic” template on a M1 Macbook
  2. I build it using the “Play” button in XCode
  3. I find the built plugin in ~/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST3
  4. I copy the vst file to an older Intel-based Mac

On the Intel-based Mac, the plugin fails to load in both Reaper and Ableton Live.
I build AudioPluginHost on that computer, and when I try to load the plugin I get the following error:

Note that the following file appeared to be plugin files but failed to load correctly

I assume I’m making a dumb mistake, but I can’t figure out what. Any tips are appreciated.

I figured it out! For anyone facing a similar issue - this is what worked for me.

In top menu click Product > Archive

It seems to create a production build and export it so it can be used everywhere.

Most likely you issue is that debug builds are only built for the current architecture you are running (arm) while release builds are fat binaries for arm and intel processors.

Yes, I believe that was the problem. I just did not know how to use XCode properly. :slight_smile: