VST3 plugin fails to load on macOs

Hello All,
I am trying to load my own VST3 build on mac - Monterey/intel
DAW - Reaper
but it fails due to unknown developer issue

I’ve seen the solutions like unlocking system security and privacy settings.
Even on updating these system preferences, VST3 still cannot be loaded.
But I wanted to know is there anything I can/need to do on development side(JUCE)?

The issue occurs for AU plugins too, but on adjusting security settings in system preferences it works.

Any help/ suggestion is appreciated!

You could try one of the JUCE example plugin projects and try if they work if you build them on your system. They should work out of the box. This way you find out pretty fast if there is something wrong with your project.

If they also don’t work, then I would check if you have any build warnings. Maybe there is something wrong with the signing.

You need to notarize the plugin if you run it on a different machine than your build machine.

You will find more information in this forum.

Thanks @kunz ! There was an issue in signing builds. Fixed !

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