Cant see output of std::cout or DBG() anywhere?

So I’ve never been able to debug using the tools everyone seems to be able to use in Youtube videos. Those functions don’t show up in the console at the bottom and even when I open the built application from the terminal, the messages don’t appear in the terminal. Anybody know what might be going on?

Which IDE are you using?
Are you building for debug?
DBG is not executed in release builds…

Xcode on a Mac. On the projucer it says debug is enabled. Here’s a screenshot, I assume I’m looking at the right thing.

It’s a bit odd that you don’t see anything when running a built application.

This took me far too long to realise how to do in the case of plugins :

Click the “Testing - Standalone Plugin” and switch to “VST3” (or AU).

Click it again then choose “Edit scheme…”

Click “Executable” and choose “Ask on launch”.

Now when you build and run your plugin (CMD-R) you can choose your DAW to open, and you’ll see DBG output in the Debug Area Console (and be able to add breakpoints etc).


Thanks! That worked when I opened it in Logic so that’s pretty neat and I’m happy. Just curious, is there a way to do this same process for standalone audio applications? When I did the same process for my standalone version, it kind of looked like it was working in that stuff was showing in the console but then my computer told me that the program wasn’t responding and I had to stop it. It was throwing up these errors in my process block where I was referencing the buffer so I think it might have something to do with that.

You should find when you “Edit scheme…” of the Standalone Plugin that it defaults like this :

Without seeing some more details difficult to say what’s wrong, but there are many ways you could trip up with a standalone plugin (eg. trying to use the playhead information available from the host, which doesn’t work in a standalone)