Xcode DBG( ) attach to process


I have a question about debugging in XCode. When I run a stand-alone application, I can use the DBG macro, in order to show output on the XCode debug output console. 

But that does not work, when I want to debug my audio plugin from inside Garage Band, by "attach to process". Nothing is showing up in the Xcode debug console. Can someone give me a hint, what I need to do? 

I'm pretty sure I've used that in lots of hosts. Is it loading the release build, perhaps?

Its in Debug Mode. 

I use the following construct to check:


    Logger::writeToLog("Debug Mode");


    Logger::writeToLog("Release Mode");


And it says "Debug" (redirected the otput to a file). 

PS: I am using XCode 5.1.1, in case that should make any difference.

Dunno. Try another host, it could be garageband messing with the console streams.

Actually it is the same from within the Juce plugin host demo.

I guess the next step would be to test with a non-Juce plugin, to see if this is Juce related or not. But I don't know how to do that. Maybe this is a general XCode lldb problem. Byt most probably just an option, I am missing somewhere... :-)




Why don't you just launch the host as a custom executable, DBG statements will work this way. I'm not quite sure why they fail if you attach a process afterwards but if you find out let me know!