Debugging with Xcode 7

Hi guys,

I can’t find a way to use the Xcode console to print some stuff while debugging a plugin.
I have attached my Studio One DAW to Xcode which is working properly with breakpoints and jasserts, but when using the DBG macro from Juce, it is not printing anything to the console.

The standalone does print stuff to the console.

Am I missing something?

Thank you,

Use FileLogger to create an output log file.


I don’t want to write to a log file.
I want feedback in the Xcode console in real time.

Try another host? I’ve never had a problem with that, but it could be because studio1 is doing something funny involving console redirection.

I tried with Max MSP, Mainstage, and AU Lab.

It’s still not working.

  • Guess: did you accidentally switch to release build? DBG will not be executed in release builds afaik.
  • Idea: you can start your host in the terminal, I usually find my DBG prints there…



Running from the terminal does work!

Strange, because debugging with breakpoints does work, but DBG doesn’t.

FYI, also Pro Tools requires you to follow your DBGs on the terminal.
Just in case you ever need to debug your product there too.

Thank you, good to know!