Can't set defaultJuceModulePath in Travis CI

Travis CI Projucer problem

I’m trying to set up Travis CI for my open source JUCE project. I can already successfully compile the Projucer but when I’m trying to set the global paths with:

$PROJUCER --set-global-search-path osx defaultJuceModulePath  $TRAVIS_BUILD_DIR/JUCE/modules

I get the following error:

Projucer 5.3.2  ---  Build date: Sep  3 2018
Log started: 3 Sep 2018 6:15:55pm
Mac OSX 10.13.3
CPU: 2574MHz  Cores: 2  4096MB
/Users/travis/.travis/job_stages: line 78:  2584 Segmentation fault: 11  $PROJUCER --set-global-search-path osx defaultJuceModulePath $TRAVIS_BUILD_DIR/JUCE/modules
The command "$PROJUCER --set-global-search-path osx defaultJuceModulePath  $TRAVIS_BUILD_DIR/JUCE/modules" exited with 139.

I’m building the Projucer in GPL mode and $TRAVIS_BUILD_DIR/JUCE/modules is a valid directory

Also when trying to set the vst-sdk path with the command above, the Projucer tells me vst3path is not a valid option for macOS. Both on Travis and my MacBook Pro

Here is the .travis.yml file from the repo.

Are you able to set paths that don’t include $TRAVIS_BUILD_DIR?

That depends. On my desktop and laptop (linux, macOS), I’m able to set the global module path with a full path and a path that includes an environment variable. Since the Projucer only accepts valid folders (folder containing modules) and I only have one valid modules folder in travis ci, the one under $TRAVIS_BUILD_DIR/JUCE/modules I can’t test any other paths

I know this isn’t what you are asking, but the way we do this is to have everything we need as a git submodule of the main project and don’t use any global files. That we we are guaranteed to get the right version of JUCE etc. when we hit build on the server…

That’s probably the way to go. For now I changed my project to include the JuceLibraryCode folder which has local copies of all modules, it works but it’s not elegant. I think i’ll switch to your method