Global Module Paths?

Every time I try a tutorial, it tells me to set a path for the modules…Is there a way to set this globally? Or barring that, is there a place where I can stick the modules that it will know where they are?

Yes, there is a ‘Global Search Paths’ menu item in Projucer where you can set them once and then set each project to use the global paths.

Yes, it’s possible to set a global path to your JUCE modules via the “Global Search Paths…” menu item under either “Projucer” (Mac) or “File” (Windows and Linux):


Once this has been set, you can make all of the modules in a project use this global path by selecting “Set all modules to use global paths” from the modules settings page here:

We’re currently updating the tutorial projects and, after this update, they will all use the global paths by default. However for the time being, I believe most (if not all) of the tutorials have the modules path set to ../../JUCE/modules so if you place your tutorials inside a directory next to your main JUCE directory like this:

it should just work.

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