How to get Projucer to remember where modules are?

I’ve followed the Getting Started and the Managing Your Projucer Project tutorials. Moving on now to something like the Processing Audio Input or another tutorial… the Projucer always gives me an error about not having the locations of module files – even if I already set them up previously – and tells me to go to Config > Modules.

Is there a way to get the Projucer to remember where the modules are, so that I don’t have to re-set this every time I download someone else’s code?

I get that their Projucer file no doubt lists locations of modules on their computer, which may be a different path on their computer than mine (I installed JUCE in Applications > JUCE). I just don’t think I should have to always go in and manually overwrite these when my Projucer loads.

Where do I set the global $JUCE_HOME or some such, so that it knows to look in modules as a subdirectory of that?

Unfortunately not, the module paths are saved with the .jucer file so you have to go in and manually change them if you want them to be different. A quick way to do it is to set the correct path for one module and then select that module and click the “Set paths for all modules…” button in the modules Modules section of the Config tab in the Projucer.

This feature is definitely in the backlog though and something we really want to add.