Capturing iOS background audio?

I am trying to develop my first AUv3 Plugin-Application and was wondering if the following is possible:

User is listening to music (e.g. Spotify or Apple Music)
User opens my app (as an app, not plugin)
My app processes the audio playing in the background

I thought this world work “by default” when adding the background audio and the microphone permissions, but seems to be it doesn’t.

Note: AUv3 already works perfectly fine as Plugin in GarageBand.


Background audio only means that you can still process audio if your app is in the background.

You cannot record iTunes or stuff like that.

So what I want is impossible? Thanks in advance for the answer :slight_smile:

Impossible unless the app itself allows to load AUv3 plugins which is not the case of iTunes.

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Thank you!

Yes, you can’t record background audio (such as whaterver is being currently played by Spotify or Apple Music or phone calls). But your app can open an audio file from the user’s music library (Apple Music) and play it back as a stream or convert it to a wav file, if that is what you need.

The procedure is quite different to simply opening a file normally, though. I have just finished updating my fork of the excellent dRowAudio module to the current JUCE version to do exactly this. Check out the AudioPicker class and the iOS Audio Example. You can find my fork here: GitHub - atiliomf/drowaudio: dRowAudio JUCE module

Oh wow! that’s amazing! I’ll give it a check! Thank you!

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