Change appearance of plugin window?

Is there a simple way to change the appearance of a plugin window, ie, colour, width, buttons etc.?

What do you mean by “plugin window”?

Sorry, I’ve attached a screenshot. Is there a simple way to change the colour of the title bar for example from blue to white, akin to how you change the appearance of a DocumentWindow dervied class or is this just down to the host? You’ll notice that I also have a View Code button., This launches a text editor but it won’t bring it to the front, even if I call ToFront() it remains minimised in the taskbar. Is it possible for a plugin to bring windows to the front so they become maximised, I couldn’t find a maximise method??

It’s the host’s window - you should definitely leave it well alone.

The host might have made it always-on-top, so you you might need to also make your component always-on-top so that it can come to the front?

Thanks Jules, setAlwaysOnTop() did the trick, now my editor comes to the front.