Changing colour of FilenameComponent



I would like to change the colour of a FilenameComponent but I don’t know which ColourId I should use for the setColour function.



It uses a combobox inside it, so those colours would be the ones to look at.


Hi Jules,

thank you for your answer, but the ColourIds of the ComboBox doesn’t seem to work. I already tried it and thats why I asked here.

When I use myFilenameComponent->setColour (ComboBox::buttonColourId, Colours::green); nothing happens and with

myFilenameComponent->setColour (FilenameComponent::buttonColourId, Colours::green); I get an error that buttonColourId is not a member of FilenameComponent.

Am I doing something wrong?



The combo box is a subcomponent, so there’s no point changing that colour on its parent component, as it won’t find it. You might need to use a custom look and feel to apply your settings to all subcomponents inside a component.


I see.