'CharacterFunctions' is not a class, namespace, or enumeration


I'm trying to cross-compile for an Arm (beaglebone) with VisualGDB under Visual Studio 2013 in Windows 8. When I compile for Windows, everything is fine.

But when I decide to use gnu++ and makefiles as suported from VisualGDB I get various error.

For example:

Fehler    23    error : 'CharacterFunctions' is not a class, namespace, or enumeration    D:\JUCE\modules\juce_core\text\juce_CharacterFunctions.h

I have told the makefile to include the path where "juce_CharacterFunctions.h" is located. But this doesn't change anything.


Some help would be appreciated!

No Idea?

Any help would be very nice. Problem isn't solved until now..

Hi there,

do you have any alternative to using Visual Studio, such as using cygwin or even a Linux virtual machine? It could be that the combination of gcc and Visual Studio messes up your build settings...

as far as I know Juce doesn't really support VisualGDB at the moment.

Hmm thanks for the quick answer. I could try cygwin. I tried to compile it under Ubuntu, but I wasn't succesful in that. I spent hours over hours to install the right packages. I have to say, that I'm not a linux pro. But apart of that the project will have to be developed under Visual Studio. So I will have to solve this under the existing conditions.

VisualGDB was a very nice quickly installed solution with nice BeagleBone support. So. Can you give me a hint what could be tried further?

VisualGDB itself does nothing else to use an arm-optimised g++ compiler.


When I go to the "is not a class" error an right-click and then select "go to definition", VS finds the right file (juce_CharacterFunctions.h) and in

that the right definition ( class JUCE_API  CharacterFunctions{} ). So how do you think it can be that it says ( 'CharacterFunctions' is not a class).

Do you think think it's only because the compiler is not compatible? Or do you think I have to include any other files?

The project compiles for 90%. I think it is not much left to get it to work.

Unfortunately I have no idea what went wrong in your specific project as I never used VisualGDB, and it's very difficult to tell without seeing the actual error messages in the actual project...

maybe some header files are not *actually* included during compilation even though they are part of the project? and/or maybe some include paths etc. are messed up?

I got the project to compile succesfully on Code:Blocks under windows. So beause of any reason, Code:Blocks compiles

well, but VisualGDB doesn't (with the same Compilers). Both projects were created by the introducer. So I think I will

ask the VisualGDB developes...