My new JUCE Project is'nt compiling

Hi !
(Sorry for my English I’m french ^^)

I’m new with JUCE and I started a new project Using Visual Studio 2019, I needed to change some “Tools platform” to v142 cause it would’nt compile, I changed it on VS and the Juce project.

But NOW, I have this error (I google trad it):

1>D:\_PROGRAMMATION\_PROJETS\Racoon Hut - JUCE\Source\MainComponent.h(10,31): error C2653: 'juce': is not a class or namespace name (compiling file source ..\..\Source\MainComponent.cpp)

And it doe it for every lines of the GUI template main.cpp, but their is the

#include <JuceHeader.h>

I can’t find anything like this on the web and I search on the ''Start with Juce" article but I found nothing

Thanks for future help ! ^^

Set this to Enabled or use the juce:: namespace in your code


Or prepend with juce:: when you use JUCE’s classes, types or whatever.

All my class have it :

I changed it to “Default (Enabled)” but nothing have change, there is still the same error.
It act like the #include <JuceHeader.h> is’nt doing anything :confused:

maybe your project does not have juce modules. check if the projucer shows the modules in the modules-section of the project. if not go to file/global paths to check if the right paths are selected

Did you inspect the actual content of the JuceHeader.h file that you are including there`

I don’t think I have set the path to the others modules.
I found them in the folder with the installer but I don’t know where I need to enter the path file ^^’.

I think This is problem, how do I set the path ?

(Thanks ! I feel it’s the problem)

in File/Global Paths you select the folder where juce is and the folder where juce/modules is in the corresponding textfields. then modules can be selected for projects

Thanks I founded it !
Everything work fine now !

Thanks to y’all <3 !