Tutrial demo projects: juce namespace not recognized

Hi all,

I am new to JUCE and I was trying to go through all the tutorials to get a feeling of its potential.

Everything worked fine in the 'GETTING STARTED' section of the tutorials where you have to useand set up the introjucer. I got really excited until I started the ' GUI Basics' and got this in the Main.cpp and in the JuceHeader.h file (see attached images) with the MainWindowTutorial demo project.





It seems like the 'namespace juce' is not recognized and then all declarations in the main are bad.

What I did is just to download the demo project, open the .jucer file with the IntroJucer, open it in Xcode and tried to compile it.

Am I missing/doing something stupid?


I checked the forum toroughly and could not find any topic on this issue (hope I am not duplicating posts..).

Any help would be really appreciated since I feel stuck at the moment but I really want to keep having fun with JUCE.




Struggling to think what you could have done to fundamentally not even get that far, but check again later today when we'll be uploading a lot of new tutorials :)

Many thanks for your answer, jules.

After solving a few path issues (all the tutorials seem to go and look for the juce modules in a different location so to solve the problem in a quick and dirty way, I had to copy the modules folder in many different locations) I was able to make all the other tutorials to compile.




But still the mainWindow and the MainComponentent give that problem about the juce namespace..


Hope this can help.




hey now it's working!


I tried again and I saw you changed the header. I saw that now you are including all the modules. Was that the problem?


Loads of thanks anyways, now I can keep studying!!!  ;)