A strange issue with JUCE and XCode

Suddenly in my current Basic Plugin project, classes from the juce library have suddenly stopped linking correctly. I tried a fresh project from the Projucer and I am seeing the same bizarre issue!

No matching constructor for initialization of 'juce::AudioProcessorEditor' category:10

Is now showing up on both the current project and the fresh install. Also, from before on this version of Juce (6.0.1), if I enable including use namespace juce it causes strange errors. Is this something that is a problem with XCode? any suggestions on how I can track down what’s going on with these issues?

Usually there are further notes to the error message in Xcode, or better in the compiler log if you go to the right view in Xocde. they usually help

Hi @ToccataNos were you able to fix this? It happens to me with every project I start, as soon as I close and then re open Xcode. I don’t use Juce namespace.

With that limited information one can only guess. It is usually better to start a new thread and add as much information you have of your own problem, instead of assuming you got the same problem.

But I polish my crystal ball and say The error location is in the factory (last lines of the boiler plate), where an instance of your own processor is returned:

// This creates new instances of the plugin..
juce::AudioProcessor* JUCE_CALLTYPE createPluginFilter()
    return new YourAudioProcessor();

This would fail, if your YourAudioProcessor inherits AudioProcessor (old version) instead of juce::AudioProcessor (new way sinve juce 6).

For more insight see this thread:

But it could as well be a totally different issue, I am still working on my clairevoyant skills… :wink:

In my case, MyAudioProcessor inherits from juce::AudioProcessor, all the projects were created in the last version of Juce, and I have this problem in all the projects. Now I’m downloading Xcode 12.0.1, replacing my 12.0 version, hoping that this is a bug of Xcode, Projucer doesn’t report it.

Quite unlikely.

Could you post the exact error message and the lines of code, where the error is located, so we have something to start from?

I found out that my problem happens when I include a new class I wrote. I think I will make another thread if I can’t solve by myself. If you have some suggestions, please let me know. Thanks for the help!