Choice of IDE

I’m back on windows (on one machine anyway) after a stint in Linux land during which I learned to really appreciate good debugging.

My formerly cherished setup with codeblocks and the VC2003 toolkit, is somewhat lacking in the debug department though. No debug DLL’s in particular.
So, I’m looking at options. (VC Express runs like fat pig in a sea of goo on my box. I want something lighter.)

So, codeblocks with MingW is one option.
A used license for VC6 is another.
(I can get it from a former employer. I got Photoshop 5.5 and Soundforge 4.5 for like nothing.)

Which is better?

I’m leaning towards VC6 right now. (Jules, will you continue to support it?)

I’ll support VC6 for the forseeable future, but I always use VC7 myself these days.

And codeblocks MingW? It still looks kind of experimental? What’s your over all impression of this setup?

Seems better than dev-cpp was, but it’s still not much use for debugging, compared to vc++. And mingw is looking a bit creaky these days, could do with an update.

Hmm, yeah. VC6 it is.
(I just realized it’s almost 10 years old, but I’m getting it way cheap, so if it doesn’t work out it’s no loss.)

Building JUCE with VC6 gives two errors.

(I don’t expect you to fix these by the way. It’s trivial stuff and the compiler is way old.)

LowLevelGraphicsSoftwareRenderered.cpp, the line “prefetchnta [edx]”. I just commented it out, because I don’t think I use that class at all. Seems to work fine.

And some other place that I just fixed and forgot about, but it seems this compiler puts the variable declaration in a for loop into the parent scope so if you have two loops after one another using “int i = 0” in the declaration you’ll get an error. I just changed the second one to j.

But I really dig the IDE, so I think I’ll stick with it. Maybe I can swap out the compiler later on.

You just need to install the processor pack for VC6 to get it to compile that asm correctly.