PC Builds and JUCE (Code Blocks vs Visual Studio)

Im a Mac guy and use Xcode, but I’m finally at the point of wanting to build PC versions of my software, since I obtain a pc machine. I’m able to obtain Visual Studio through my school and code blocks for free. I was curious, what are the major pros and cons to picking one over the other? Most people just say “use both for some time and get a feeling for it,” but we just had our first baby, are in school, and are full-time workers, so I’m with very little time to study two separate IDEs / Compilers. In the end, Ill end up doing some testing in both, but I was hoping to get maybe an idea of which aspects work and which aspects have problems, when it comes to using either or with JUCE. I don’t expect to do as much debugging on my windows builds because I’m not putting out as many formats for windows as I am for Mac. I like the idea of having something more simple, like Code Blocks, but I am used to working with a more comprehensive toolset (Xcode), so maybe VS might be better? I’m not sure. Any help is much appreciated.

Visual Studio is also free (or at least the part we need to build JUCE products is). But that said, we used Code::Blocks for our embedded development for a while (em::Blocks, in point of fact) and it is relatively fine, but nowhere near as easy-to-use and powerful as VS2017; if you’re used to Eclipse-based IDEs, it is definitely one of them. As far as familiarity going from Xcode, neither is going to be very satisfying, but VS2017 at least has more or less the same feature set.

Great advice here. I’m not used to Eclipse-based IDEs, so it would be totally new to me. I did have to use a version of VS for some labs in a class long ago, but that was the extent me using it. I know that in the long run, VS would be the best solution, with its support and power, but I’m not expecting to code, refactor, or do much debugging on PC side, I’m hoping that it will be as easy as creating a new exporter, compiling my code, and that’s it. My software is super simple and not complex, I’m hoping for a smooth release, though I know I’m being totally optimistic.