Chorale Composer 1.0

Chorale Composer 1.0 is available for download, here is the homepage where you can download the app and also read about it:

in a nutshell: Chorale Composer is a juce app that lets university students practice music theory with automatic feedback. it also lets teachers generate homework, keys, and practice templates. You can download example student templates from the Courses section on the homepage, there is also a demo teacher template (xml) you can download as well.

Chorale Composer is also great app to use to learn about the Bach Chorales! Almost all of them are there, if you just double click the app without any exercise the app opens the Bach chorale book.

its important to understand that the app is analyzing music on the fly. That is, when you are looking at a choral, for example, the theory line and non-harmonic tone identification is computed and displayed in real time (try dragging notes around to see). the analysis is blindingly fast, it will do the entire Bach chorales in under 3 seconds. If you want to see “annotations” that the app can add to the music you can turn them on in the View menu, then hover your mouse over the labels to read more.

this is release 1.0 so there are sure to be bugs. that said, we have worked very hard to make 1.0 pedagogically useful, with a clean, minimalist GUI that we hope people will find visually pleasing and fun to work with. Hopefully the app is self-documenting (assuming you understand music theory); you can use the Help menu to read explanations of various features and also send us feedback.


Rick Taube
Andrew Burnson
Rachel Mitchell

School of Music
University of Illinois
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Broken link?

is there a link between ChoraleComposer and Iliad app Harmonia ? 

I have the same question about Harmonia.

I’m revisiting C++ and JUCE to write an app that can display the harmonic analysis while composing or recording on Digital Audio Workstation software like Logic Pro or Cubase. It would be synced via a plugin.

Hi. Yes, Harmonia comes from Chorale Composer, its just a much more developed app now and there is a server side for course management. It’s still 100% JUCE. If you visit this website you will find documentation and video links that should give you a good idea of what it does.

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