Announce: Chorale Composer 0.9

Chorale Composer 0.9 is available for download at:

Chorale Composer is a cross-platform application implemented in JUCE that demonstrates automatic, real-time tonal music analysis and device independent music notation services. It contains an almost complete edition of the Bach Chorales as its source material. Use Chorale Composer to play, edit and analyze the Bach Chorales in real time, or to practice example theory exercises that demonstrate the program’s support of automatic music theory instruction at the university level.

New Features:

  • Improvements to analysis display (tonicizations are distinguished from modulations)
  • Improvements to tonality (key area) display.
  • Unicode support, including proper German lettering in Chorale titles.
  • Incipits from the original Riemenschneider edition
  • Many new GUI features and shortcuts, including Scroll wheel for scrolling and Shift-Scroll wheel for zooming

Andrew Burnson
Rick Taube