Announce: Chorale Composer 0.3

Chorale Composer 0.3 is available at:

Features of the current release include:

  • Realtime theory analytics provide automatic, on-the-fly analysis of
    chord quality, inversion, voice-leading, non-harmonic tones, tonal
    center determination, functional analysis, figured bass symbols and
    error (condition) detection.
  • Edit chorales and view changes in the analysis in real time as a
    pedagogical tool.
  • Relevant music built-in; nearly all 371 Bach chorales included with
    the interface for reference. Search by name, number, or key.
  • Sophisticated MIDI playback with in-audition editing, dynamic tempo
    changing, playback cursor, and transport control. Take the repeat or
  • Examples of automatic homework generation with instantaneous
    evaluation; unique problem sets generated for each student. Analysis
    settings to adapt to specific pedagogical needs; show and hide
    different aspects of the analysis.
  • Modern multimedia technology: a meticulously designed, engraver
    quality, “what-you-see-is-what-you-get” graphic, tactile
    interface. PDF as the native file format for both saving and
    opening. High resolution JPEG snapshots of the score via
  • Highly portable: runs on Mac OS X, Windows XP/Vista, and Linux. Does
    not require installation; usable in restricted network environments.

–rick taube, andrew burnson