Code of conduct


Hi everyone,

We’re very pleased to see ever growing activity here on the forum, and would like to thank particularly new and long-standing contributors who take the time to help others looking for answers.

This forum is for everyone: from young programmers still at school to programming experts. Every question must be treated with respect, and newcomers feel welcome. We have recently published a code of conduct, which you can find below.

To preserve a friendly and welcoming environment, we will not tolerate abuse of any kind, demeaning behaviour or sarcasm directed towards another user. Such behaviour will be met with immediate banishment from the forum without warning. If you witness such behaviour, do not hesitate to contact one of the forum admins.

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I just would like to emphasise that I have found the JUCE forum to be a very welcoming place.
I have only been here for three month and in that time I have not had a single bad experience.
Many thanks to all of You! Getting to grips with JUCE has been a great trip so far with Your help!


I think this Code of Conduct is a good idea! I was using JUCE a couple years ago, and I was surprised at how negative and condescending a lot of the answers were. Now it seems to be better, I got friendly help quickly the other day in post of mine!