Code Signing with Developer ID certificates


i'm just learning how to use codesigning for MacOS. Does anyone have experience with signing  introjucer generated apps etc. Is it complicated, do you have any tips?  

This is very similar and almost identical to any other signed developer app. Just "Archive" the app and in the organizer select the recently archived app and choose "Distribute" then export as Developer Signed Application.  If you need help setting up the Certificates and profiles then log into your developer account at and it has some great tutorials and is quite easy.


I personally build all my apps with the terminal xcodebuild command and then codesign with the codesign command (can also be done with xcodebuild). This way I can put them into a simple automator/terminal script to have the apps build, codesigned and export to my specific folder.


I have also updated IntroJucer to allow me to select an "Entitlement" file so I can also create a Mac App Store version of my app.

Thank you for this helpful information, cause I'm absolutely not familiar with it.

 It was relative easy to generate the developer certificate, and sign my application.

But now I'm a little bit baffled, when i look into the member center -> Certificates. There are two types, "Development" and "Production"

Do i need a special "Production" certificate, to distribute my app outside the app-store, or it is sufficient to sign it with my "Development" certificate? Maybe i just don't get it....



okay :) to answer myself, maybe this could be helpful for beginners.

First time you initialize your device in the xcode device, it only downloads the "Mac Developer" Certificate.

I was confused between the terms "Mac Developer" and "Developer ID", which wasn't downloaded at his time.

Solution was to refresh my account details in XCode -> Preferences -> Apple ID -> View Details, which finally Downloads the "Developer ID" Installer  and "Application" certificate which i use to sign my software.


FYI we're about to do some code-signing for tracktion so will be adding some signing stuff to the introjucer shortly.



something like this for the Windows world would be also great :)