Combo popups do not show in ableton - bug?

-create a VST with a simple combobox on it (eg start from Juce VST sample)
-run it inside Ableton Live 5
-click on the combobox : the dropdown popup doesn’t show

the same code works fine in cubase
I’m using Juce 1.40 on XP with Live 5.2.1

could this be a bug?

They do seem to do some strange things in ableton - I guess they’re somehow messing with the juce windows. I’ll have to have a go and see if I can figure out what they’re playing at.

thx for having a look

maybe it’s a Z-order problem…

the popup seems to be painted below the editor component, and is clipped at the editor window boundaries

jeez… how did it get there!?

Grrrrr, I hate Live’s weird hosting problems. Everything is fine on almost all other hosts, but Ableton just seem to do something slightly odd and annoying, resulting in major headaches.

I wonder if they can explain the reason for this.

i think that the fact that loadiing even major, gigantic, humangus plugs does not stop audio in that host (well maybe sometimes, but on very slow machines). something called gapless audio. live is for now the only host that has that well implemented, and thus the name Live! kinda goes with the software.

that’s no excuse for their bizarre UI handling.

Actually, loading a plugin while playing other audio is a no-brainer. Some plugins will crash if you tell them to load a bank while they’re playing, but there’s nothing a host can do about that. I think in tracktion I worked around that by muting plugins while they load their banks, but left everything else playing. Live probably does the same. Not exactly rocket science.

actually i think it might be something more into it. i’m a FLStudio user myself (though fl is delphi based), i can’t get the developers to make gapless audio. they say/claim it’s nearly impossible on windows. i esepcially get problems with GUI updates and audio quality, when i had some bad graphic drivers i had problems with audio filckering and this has a special option in FLstudio even, often FL filcers when moving big GUI objects and almost ANY program in win32 hangs when minimizing/maximizing it’s window especially when the animation for min/max is enabled.

i dont know how ableton is built but most hosts i used can’t do that as smooth as Live! does (i’m speaking of practical use as a musician, not a programmer).


To me, if a plug does not play with Live, it is shite by definition! Don’t matter whos fault it is.

Combobox shmombobox.


Ok, well I just got the latest version of ableton and tried it with the latest plugin library, and it all works just fine… (?)

yep, tried 5.2.2 with latest Juce/JAP and it works here too

btw Jules, meanwhile I switched to Juce 1.41 and JAP 1.14. The unification of popup and dropdown seems very sensible but one small request though:

-could we have some separate ColourIds to control the combo popup background/textcolours via LookAndFeel? I know you can control it via the PopupMenu colours, but that changes also the colour of the regular pulldown menus.

-the section header in a popup remains black even when you change PopupMenu colours. Since my popups are black, I don’t see them any more…

Ok, good to know that it’s working now. Must have been something odd about the old popup windows for some quirky reason. That sort of thing is why I decided to unify the menus.

The popup menu actually gets its look and feel from the combo box component, so if you give your combo box its own l+f object, you can alter the colours just for that popup. But you’re right, it’d be better to give it some separate settings. I’ll also tweak that header colour problem you mention.