PopupMenus disappear


Hi Jules,

I made a lot of plug-ins, they are ready to be sold, but now at the final tests with some producers, we found a big bug.
When I load one of my plug-in inside a project, with other not-juce plug-ins loaded, there is no way to see any PopupMenu, even from ComboBox.
Let me explain better the situation.

We made tests only under Ableton Live 8.
If I load one of my plug-ins inside an empty project, popupmenus are shown correctly.
As I load any other not-juce plug-in (doesn’t matter if it shows popupmenu or not), my popupmenus aren’t shown anymore.
If I close ableton then reload it with an empty project, my popupmenu shows up again.

All my plug-ins (both vst and au) have different 4 unique codes and obj-c class names.
The bug happens even if I install only one of my plug-ins (one taken randomly).
The tests are made with git updated to 6 days ago, so I already have the GIT named :
“Fix for atomics in OSX10.4, and popup menus on unusual monitor arrangements.”

Please help!
Thanks in advance,


Bizarre… There’s no reason I can think of why it’d interact with other plugins. Is this mac or windows?


It’s on MAC.
Under Ableton Live.
Today we made a test with Logic, but they seems to work correctly…


The only thing that comes to my mind is that, since Ableton Live loads both VST and Audio Units, if you compiled the plug-in using the multiformat capabilities of JUCE, both the AU and the VST are in facts the same binary.

If Ableton is able to “see” them both, it happened to me sometimes that it gets confused when loading one of them, that resulted in some parts randomly misbehaving…

My suggestion, in this case, is to remove either the VST or the Audio Unit from the directories where Live searches for them, so it will only see one of them and (hopefully) will be able to load it correctly.


Hi yfede, thanks for the reply.
All the tests was made with only the AU version.
They never receive the VST version of my plugins.

Actually I’ve made a plugin starting from the base demo of last git.
I just added a ComboBox, just to see how PopupMenu behaves.
As soon as I have the result of this test, I’ll report it here.