Compile issue with BinaryData


I am using the Introjucer to manage a project I am working on. I have two images as my binary data.
I have problems compiling BinaryData.cpp with the latest version of Juce on my Mac running XCode 4.5.1

The project I am working on fails building due to a “Semantic issue. Case value evaluates to somelargenumber, which cannot be narrowed to type int” when
compiling BinaryData.cpp. This happens in the switch case for the hash code in getNamedResource for all cases where the number has the most significant bit high.
Changing the type of the hash value from int to unsigned int solves the problem, but I would rather not do this since I will have to do this everytime I make a change
to the binary data. I saw in the forum, a post from someone with the same problem and Jules told him that the latest version of Juce is allready using an unsigned int
for the hash value. I simply can not see this, it is an int? Any help is very much appreciated.

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Like I said on the other post, this was fixed some time ago. If you get the latest version of the introjucer and re-save your project, it’ll work fine.

Thanks Jules

My bad, I am using the Juce version (and introJucer) installed from the .zip file (2.00) from the download section. As I understand it i need to get the one from the git repository. Is that right?

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Yes, that’s right

You should ditch your stale .zip and just hyperlink to the one that Github offers:


I tried downloading Juce using git from SourceForge, but as another user allready posted, there seems to be a problem with SourceForge at the moment. I installed GitHub, downloaded Juce from here, and I see that my original problem is fixed as you said Jules. Nice. I find it a little confusing, that it is stated in the download section that there is an “update” menu within the Introjucer, that can be used to update Juce. I cannot find this, but I see that there is and option for updating the Juce modules under the tools menu but this does not update the “extras” (Introjucer i.e.). So I do not see how you should get the “fixed” version of the Introjucer without using git?

Thanks again


I just love it when things work as advertised. After 6 months I came back to my project and it didn’t compile in newest xcode. The forum (right here) had the solution, thanks for the .zip link Vin, I re-loaded my project, saved it, xcode updated instantly to reflect new project, it compiles and runs. Thanks. And I really liked the introjucer’s new look.