Compiz and juce don't play right together

Some issues that I’ve noted only while compiz is active:
[list]Holding the “Super” (aka. Windows) key while scrolling the mouse wheel should zoom in the screen. It does this if the mouse is over anything but a JUCE application. I don’t mean to wildly speculate, but I get the feeling JUCE isn’t saying that it isn’t interested in the event, making it so compiz never receives it.[/list]
[list]Similarly, I cannot hold alt and drag to move a JUCE window nor can I hold alt and middle-click-drag to resize it.[/list]
[list]Resizing a top-level JUCE window makes all kinds of strange graphical glitches appear. I’ve got a feeling it might be the fglrx driver, but I can never be sure as there’s no other 3D implementation on linux for my card.[/list]
I realise that you’re completely swamped at the moment, jules. I’m putting this list here merely as a reminder so that, if you do get the chance to look at some of these linux issues, you will know exactly what to look for.

Ok, thanks for that!