Juce apps do not behave as expected with compiz

  1. When a window is moved, it does not “wobble” unless native window titlebar is used.
  2. Similarly, menus do not follow the animation parameters
  3. Alt-drag and Alt-middleclick-drag do not work (for moving and resizing windows, respectively)

Are these known bugs? Is there any chance they will be fixed?

They are not bugs and there is no chance they will be fixed ever for several reasons.

When you do not use a native bar, compiz has no chance to apply the default behaviour to your window because JUCE peforms its component moving and sizing itself. JUCE intercepts system calls (keyboard and mouse events) and does the part of window manager’s job itself. So, there is no chance for compiz to “wobble” your window etc.

Sure, that explains why you can only get compiz effects on windows that use the native title bar. And it’s ok if Juce behaves like that. But it doesn’t explain why you still can’t move/resize these native windows using the usual shortcuts. If they are native, they should behave as native.

Also, it doesn’t explain why, when native windows are used, menus do not work consistently. Most times, they do not even show up when the menubar is clicked. And when they do show, they do not behave like native menus.

they don’t behave like native menus cause they simply aren’t native but juce ones.

I can confirm this, and would rather consider it a bug since it hinders normal functionality of a Juce app. Menus should at least work regardless of whether window manager’s or juce’s titlebars are used.

As for being more ‘native’, I think that’s fine where Juce stands. If I wanted native look and feel, I’d use wxWidgets. Juce is for when you want your app to look pixel-perfect (and much sexier) on all platforms.