Graphical problem when resizing The Jucer window (Ubuntu)

Juce is built and running on Ubuntu Gutsy, with Compiz doing the whiz bang fancy effects. Generally it works well with Compiz, except the resize redraw is wrong. Resizing other windows with Compiz renders a nice shaded blue rectangle. Resizing The Jucer renders a mixture of black rectangle, garbled graphics and lots of flashing.

Not sure if this is a problem with running Juce with compiz but I thought I’d mention it.

On a similar note, clicking on the Juce Demo in the task bar when another application has focus, doesn’t work as per other apps. Other apps fade in and out when I switch to and away from them, thanks to compiz. The Jucer and the demo just appear suddenly, no fading.

Ok, thanks. I’ve not tried compiz yet, I normally run linux in a VM so need to update my system and have a go.